April 6, 2014

Quotes and Conference

Hey lovelies! Ok, I'm done doing the pink text thing. Nobody else posts on here, and if they did, they'd make sure you knew it was them. Anyway, it's your friendly neighborhood bunny! :)
So my church has a bi-annual conference that goes over a weekend each in April and October called General Conference. The main thing I've learned from it this weekend is that my Heavenly Father loves me very much, and it's ok that I'm not perfect because He knows I'm trying to do what He wants me to do. :) Aaaaannnndddd quotes cuz you know how I love them. :)

Most of these, I got from the LDS SMILE page on Facebook, and I shall give credit to them because I could never have made these pictures. :) Have a wonderful day, lovelies!

March 12, 2014

The Atonement

My church has a class for youth through high school called Seminary. In some places, this is before school really early in the morning, but I have the amazing privilege of having it during school on release time. The other day, we had an amazing lesson about the Atonement. In my church we believe that the Saviour died not only for our sins and so we could live again, but also suffered for our pains, temptations, and afflictions. That's not to say we will never have hard times, but it does mean that He knows what you're going through and can comfort you and lighten your burden. 
How comforting that is to me, that He was willing to suffer for all my anxiety, all the times I snap at people, and all of my disappointments. I love my Saviour, and I know that He is the best place to turn when trials come. I know He is real and that He suffered for me, the greatest show of love ever performed on this earth. And if The Lord of Lords, The Prince of Peace, The Only Begotten Son was willing to do that for me, I must be worth a lot. And He did it for you too. I know these things, and I testify of them in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 


So remember when I posted about the terrible proportions of barbies here and here? Well, now there's a new doll that's actually going to be real and be sold and her name is Lammily and AAAAAA I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!
Not only is she the proportions of the average 19 year old, but she wears minimal makeup, she appears confident, and her tagline is "average is beautiful"! I'm totally going to order one. This is a cause that needs to be funded. :)

Follow this link to the website for her, which explains her awesomeness much better than I can.

Have a great day lovelies!

March 1, 2014

Let's get to know each other

Hey! It's bunny, and I just realised that I haven't really introduced myself properly. So I thought I'd share with you the first 10 random facts I could think of about myself. :D
1) I'm extremely ADD. As in I will stop in the middle of a sentence and have forgotten my train of thought. 
2) I'm really touchy-feely. I love hugs. And yet I have virgin cheeks....
3) I love chocolate. Steal my chocolate and face all the crazily violent threats I can think of. 
4) I'm pretty sure I'm hypoglycaemic. If I don't eat enough protein, I will feel like I'm going to pass out. 
5) I'm one of the youngest people in my grade in school. 
6) I hate sports with a violent passion. 
7) I have a bit of a thing for the 1950s. 
8) I'm lds/Mormon/a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. (Go to Mormon.org for more info)
9) I have a little box turtle named Lucy). 
10) I keep a daily journal. 
There you go! Now I want you to email us at projectfeelpretty@gmail.com and tell me 10 (or however many you want to) things about yourself! 

February 16, 2014


Hey guys, I just wanted to update you all on what's going on with us and this blog. We are SO SORRY we haven't been posting lately. In an attempt to be more consistent, we have decided that its better to have 2 admins who post regularly than 5 who never post. So I have talked to Ham, LizzieLou, Nemo, and Mocha, and now only LizzieLou and I will be admins. The others may guest post occasionally, but LizzieLou and I will be the 2 who actually do it. 

Second announcement! I will no longer be calling myself what I've been calling myself. It's too close to my real name. My new nickname will be Bunny, and I'll keep making my text pink. So there you go! Stay amazing, lovelies! You really are my sunshines! :) 

(Ps I'm going back to older posts to change my name, so if it messes it up and says all the old posts are new, I'm sorry). 

December 22, 2013

Our True Identity- Deiter F. Uchtdorf

This is a portion of a talk given by one of the worldwide leaders of my church. It says exactly the standpoint that I see beauty. You are all beautiful swans, whether you know it or not. I love you, and so does your Saviour, and I say these things in His holy name, Amen.